spent way too much time gaming - a fanmix featuring many of my personal favourite videogame soundtracks
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01. 5 am - kazumi totaka (animal crossing: city folk)
02. floaroma town (day) - hitomi sato (pokémon diamond/pearl/platinum)
03. track 2 - david j. franco (drawn to life: the next chapter)
04. blue bird lamentation - shinji hosoe (virtue’s last reward)
05. memories returned - arata iiyoshi (pokémon mystery dungeon explorers of time/darkness/sky)
06. time travel (instrumental) - tomohito nishiura (professor layton and the unwound future)
07. smile - shoji meguro (persona 4)
08. beautiful days - masafumi takada (dangan ronpa)
09. reincarnation - masakazu sugimori (ghost trick)
10. my brave smile - pmmk (little busters!)
11. the curious village - tomohito nishiura (professor layton and the curious village)
12. planet wisp - act 1 - kenichi tokoi (sonic colors)
13. housuke odoroki ~ start of a new trial! - toshihiko horiyama (apollo justice: ace attorney)
14. fever mode! - hideki abe (puyo pop fever)
15. recollection - shinji hosoe (999: nine hours, nine persons, nine doors)
16. chapter 5’s main building theme - mao hamamoto (corpse party: blood covered)
17. new world order - masafumi takada (dangan ronpa)


I was to be the young master’s sword… and his shield. I am bound to take whichever lives he wishes taken… and to protect him with my own.

i’ve drawn a lot of these two before but i think i finally made something i can be satisfied with…. god i love them so much

fullview please!! there’s a lot of detail in this that you can’t see this tiny




Imagine if Amnesia or Slender came with a heart rate monitor. Imagine every time something creepy happened it would get worse because your heart began to beat faster and the game recognized you were scared.

Nevermind does just that!


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HI so I’ve been cleaning out my storage and I have a bunch of stuff that is fairly cool/DLCs/Gracie items that I don’t particularly need??? And I’m trying to get more people to come in through my gates for badge purposes, ssssso. 

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Fave Spuffy moments




شرایط | Circumstance

Maryam Keshavarz, 2011

Initially invested with a sense of faintly obnoxious privilege – the blingy, lens-flare-heavy title credits are a bit sus – Keshavarz’s portrait of youth and its underground subculture in modern Tehran comes to form a convincingly damning study of patriarchal persecution and pious hypocrisy.

Incorporating lipstick-lesbian escape fantasies without excessively pushing a queer angle, a sequence showing the recording of a politically audacious Farsi dub for Van Sant’s Milk (…and Sex and the City) also delivers a humorous edge to a film which, given the ramifications of exposing its characters’ lifestyles (the director has subsequently been banned from returning to Iran) could take itself – probably justifiably, but not necessarily dramatically satisfyingly – dead seriously throughout. A sapphic power-ballad sing-along to Total Eclipse of the Heart forms a counterpoint to the Eye of the Tiger sequence from Persepolis – itself a valid point of comparison, though Circumstance lacks perhaps the same level of accessible poignancy and familial relatability.

Woozily sumptuous while also involvingly authentic, this is a film which arguably demands to be as widely seen as A Separation.